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Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler Guide: New Characters & “Incredible Danger”

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoiler Guide: New Characters & “Incredible Danger”

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale
Now that The Walking Dead is getting its own preview weekend on AMC (July 7 – 8), we thought it might be time for an updated spoiler guide to Season 3. As wepreviously reported,word from the Senoia, Georgia set was that the focus next season will be on the so-called “zombie sanctuary.” Most comic book fans know it as the prison where Rick Grimes and his new band of followers first attempt to take shelter after he kills Shane and declares an autocracy.
What do we know so far?

First look: Michonne. Fan favorite Michonne first appeared in the final moments of the Season 2 finale, when a hooded figure leading armless zombies on chains came across Andrea in the woods. Click here to see a photo of Michonne’s angry face as she wields a tatana sword.

Ricky’s got a gun. We’re not ones to fall in love with dictators, but thissneak peek photo of Rick covered in dirt and sweat, sporting longer hair and pointing a gun in our face, is enough to make us change our ways.

The Governor. Most TWD fans are already looking forward to The Governor’s appearance at the prison, but for those of us who haven’t read the comic books, it should interest you to know that he is “the ultimate villain,” according to one TWD site. “He will bring pain and suffering to the Grimes family and Rick will regret the day that they ever crossed paths.” David Morrissey, a relative unknown, will play the scary-lookingpart. He will “first attack once Rick and the gang try to take refuge in the prison,” reports Best Movies Ever News.

Rick Takes Aim on The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 8: "Nebraska"Two new characters. Over at BMEN, an AMC source spills about Harold, a “studious and fastidious” forty-something man who “is the polar opposite of Shane and more in line with Dale.” So he’s a bit of a wise softie. Also new is Manuel, a thirty-something Hispanic man: “a working class survivor, he is confident, physically skilled, a leader when necessary, capable, and smart. Has a terrific sense of humor where you wouldn’t expect one.”
Jimmy & T-Dog may not be long for this world. Finally! Maybe we should be more sentimental about BMEN’s news from an AMC source advising, “[Don’t] expect T-Bone to last long.” But poor IronE Singleton has been playing third wheel to the whole show ever since the Season 1 finale. Time to stop. And Jimmy, we hardly knew ye, so it’s nice to hear that you’ll “get a little wandering around the farm and RV screen time,” but you’re a zombie now. Let’s move on.

Maggie’s here to stay. TVLine reported in March that Lauren Cohan, who plays Hershel’s most enterprising and toughest daughter Maggie, has been promoted to series regular. Which is good, because the first time we met her, she was saving Andrea’s life. She’s a good egg.

Behind-the-scenes Season 3 footage! We saved the best for last. AMC recently released this behind-the-scenes video (below) from the set of the Season 3 premiere episode. Everyone’s covered in dirt and blood, and the prison tunnels look dark and claustrophobic. Norman Reedus (Daryl) teases that “people start losing their minds … love blossoms.” And the adorably accented Andrew Lincoln (Rick) promises a “darker, harder, faster, deeper” and “incredibly dangerous” return. Sign us up!

Video: The Walking Dead Season 3 Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend airs on Saturday, July 7, and Sunday, July 8, beginning at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT on AMC. 

Zombie Research Society Founder Matt Mogk Talks Zombie Survival Tips

For help with our recent feature, Seven Zombie-Proof World Landmarks, we went straight to Matt Mogk, founder and head of the Zombie Research Society and the author of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies. What he told us might just save you from becoming zombie food.

First, says Mogk, evaluate a shelter on the DSM scale, for Defensibility, Sustainbility, and Mobility. He also points out that dying of dehydration should be your biggest concern (aside from, you know, getting your limbs torn off by a zombie). If you get trapped somewhere without water, you could be dead within three days.

So where is Mogk heading when the zombies rise from the dead? Nipton, California, a small solar-powered town that can generate its own energy, produce food, and is isolated enough to defend.

If you can’t make it out to the Mojave Desert town, Mogk suggests heading to the nearest cemetery in an emergency: Zombies aren’t going to rise from graves (are they?), and no one thinks to go to a cemetery even on a normal day, so there won’t be many other people around.

Mogk says that “people make zombies,” so you should get away from crowds at all costs. In other words, your “brilliant” plan to head to the nearest mall or Costco is foolish because everyone else is going to go there. “People get trampled to death on Black Friday over saving money on flatscreen TVs,” notes Mogk, so imagine the panic during a zombie outbreak.

The Walking Dead may have been thoroughly mocked for sending its characters to an isolated farm for its second season, but Mogk says it’s actually a good spot to hide out since it’s far away from other people. Plus, you can grow food and have access to water.

PANDEMIC – Mystery illness in Cambodia solved, doctors say

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (CNN) — The cause of a mysterious illness that has claimed the lives of more than 60 Cambodian children has been determined, medical doctors familiar with the investigation told CNN on Wednesday.

A combination of pathogens, disease-causing micro-organisms, is to blame for the illness, the World Health Organization, in conjunction with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, has concluded, the doctors said.

The pathogens include enterovirus 71, which is known to cause neurological disease; streptococcus suis, which can cause infections like bacterial meningitis in people who have close contact with pigs or with pork products; and dengue, which is transmitted by mosquitoes.

The inappropriate use of steroids, which can suppress the immune system, worsened the illness in a majority of the patients, the doctors said. The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to advise health care workers to refrain from using steroids in patients with signs and symptoms of the infection, which include severe fever, encephalitis and breathing difficulties.

While not all the microorganisms were present in each patient, doctors concluded the illness was caused by a combination of them and worsened by steroid use.

The WHO sources did not want to be identified because the results of the health organization’s investigation have not yet been made public.

“I’m very confident for the reason of the epidemic,” said Dr. Phillipe Buchy, chief of virology at the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia and one of the doctors who cracked the case.

“The first thing that goes through your mind is, is this one of the usual suspects you haven’t detected before?” said Dr. Arnaud Tarantola, chief of epidemiology and public health at the Institut Pasteur. “If it is, has it mutated, or changed in a way that it causes more severe disease? Or is it something completely new?”

On the steroids issue, Tarantola said, “When you have a dying child, you try to use what you have at hand, and they were right to try that.” But, he acknowledged, “from the cases we reviewed, almost all of the children died, and almost all of them had steroids.”

Parents face anxious wait over mystery illness

“I think we can close the case and move ahead asking different questions,” Buchy said. “Not what is the illness, but now, how long has the virus been circulating? What is the extent of the circulation of the virus? How many mild diseases are we missing? That’s the next step.”

Over the past four months, doctors at Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals in Phnom Penh have been faced with the mysterious syndrome, which kills children so fast that nearly all of those infected with it die within a day or two of being admitted to the hospital.

Dr. Beat Richner, head of the children’s hospitals — which cared for 66 patients affected by the illness, 64 of whom died — said that no new cases of the illness had been confirmed since Saturday.

Other hospitals in the country have reported similar cases, but far fewer than the children’s hospitals in the capital, which are the most popular.

In the last hours of their life, the children experienced a “total destruction of the alveola(e) in the lungs,” Richner said. Alveolae are the air sacs where oxygen enters the bloodstream.

Most of the children who have contracted the illness have come from the south of the country, though health officials cannot find what is known as a cluster — a lot of cases coming from one specific area.

By June 29, the WHO had been contacted and Cambodian officials were scrambling to instruct health providers across the country to spread information about the illness as quickly as possible.

Officials search for clues in disease killing Cambodia’s children

The WHO and the Cambodian authorities’ announcement of the situation drew criticism from Richner, who said they were “causing unnecessary panic.”

The WHO said the unexplained nature of the outbreak obliged it to communicate the information.

Over the weekend, lab tests linked enterovirus 71 (EV71) to some of the cases. But the tests didn’t solve the whole puzzle and health officials continued their investigations, noting the detection of other elements like streptococcus suis and dengue.

The link to EV71 does not particularly help in the treatment of the illness, as there is no effective antiviral treatment for severe EV71 infections and no vaccine is available.

In milder cases, EV71 can cause coldlike symptoms, diarrhea and sores on the hands, feet and mouth, according to the journal Genetic Vaccines and Therapy. But more severe cases can cause fluid to accumulate on the brain, resulting in polio-like paralysis and death.

Outbreaks of the enterovirus “occur periodically in the Asia-Pacific region,” according to the CDC. Brunei had its first major outbreak in 2006. China had an outbreak in 2008.

Adults’ well-developed immune systems usually can fend off the virus, but children are vulnerable to it, according to the CDC.

“It looks like (EV71) has emerged strongly, probably because it hadn’t circulated with the same intensity in the past years,” Tarantola said.

Reported cases of streptococcus suis have risen significantly in recent years, notably in Southeast Asia, according to a paper that appeared last year in Emerging Infectious Diseases, a journal published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

The rainy season in Cambodia, which lasts from May to October, is a key problem in trying to control diseases like dengue. Because of a lack of indoor plumbing in many homes, people collect rainwater in vats, creating potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

In Cambodia, as with many places around the world, parents first try treating their child at home. If that doesn’t work, they typically then go to a local clinic. A hospital visit, which often involves a long trip, is a last resort.

DOOMSDAY 2012: A New Age or a New World Order?

I see two events as the most probable for this date. A terrorist attack, which will bring with it the Dawn of the New Age of Man, or perhaps the collapse of the world economy, which would bring about the New World Order spoken of since the time of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency.

A terrorist attack of some sort may occur on 12/21/2012 and is most likely the event that world leaders are trying their best to prevent. After the events of 9/11, nothing would surprise me. The architects of the events of 9/11, Al-Qaida, planned the event to be carried out on 9/11/2001 as the numbers 911 refer to the phone number we here in America and other places as well, use to report an emergency. So if one or more terrorist organizations were to plan and try to execute an event on 12/21/2012, the supposed end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, it may not be as unexpected as one might think. Actually, the end of the Mayan calendar signifies the dawn of a New Age, not the end of the World as we know it.

Terrorist groups the world over have been trying to acquire nuclear weapons of any kind for some time now. We don’t know if they have succeeded in acquiring them,  but I think if they did, our government would do something about it, and then that information would be made public, so all the World would know. And I’m not sure if that type of information would be disseminated to the general public, as it may have unintended consequences.Panic and hysteria may ensue, and this may be the reaction that those involved are after.

So if someone or some group of people manages to create a disastrous event on this date, just how crippling to our world this event will be should be examined.

A concerted effort by radical terrorist groups Worldwide to act in unison on this date would be devastating. Mass bombings of buildings and infrastructure around the globe would be extremely debilitating. The worst case scenario in my opinion would be the detonation a nuclear device, or even multiple devices, on a global level. This would spell doom for the entire Planet.

Iran has been actively producing nuclear material for some time now, according to them, for peaceful purposes, i.e. nuclear power generation. But many in the International community, the United States included, think that they are trying to create a nuclear weapon. They have been hell bent on the destruction of Israel for decades, and this scenario on this date would create Armageddon. This definitely would bring about the Dawn of the New Age of Man. And it is a distinct possibility.

Now let us talk about the other possibility referred to herein, the New World Order.

The term was first used during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, in reference to his creation of the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations, following the devastation of World War I. The term was used sparingly at the end of World War II when describing plans for the creation of the United Nations, in part because of the negative association to the failed League of Nations.

The most widely acknowledged use of the term in modern times was by President George H. W. Bush of the United States and President Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union to define the post-Cold War era.

The New World Order, and its possible enactment, has been deemed a conspiracy by several different groups of people to, in essence, start over, and Capitalists have been accused of leading the charge.

You see money, in my opinion, is a finite resource, and there is only so much of it to go around. Many will disagree with this statement, and it is only my opinion, not necessarily a fact. Be that as it may, Capitalists, since the dawn of time, want to make ungodly profits on their investments, for a multitude of reasons.  One only has to look at Exxon/Mobil for an example. Our planet is in the midst of a global recession, and their profits are in the hundreds of billions. Ungodly indeed.

Have you ever wondered why our government appears to prop up some third world countries? That’s because one or more American businessmen probably has a factory there, and it’s there because the wages paid to the work force in these countries are a tenth or less than the wages in the US. That makes it cheaper to manufacture and ship a product to the US than to manufacture it here because of our prevailing wages. And it allows the Capitalists the opportunity to make ungodly profits.

So here’s the conspiracy scenario. On December 21st, 2012, a disaster on a global scale befalls the planet. Whether it is a natural disaster or an intentional event created by some group of people with ulterior motives is yet to be determined. In short order, the world economy crashes, and transportation of goods stops. No ships to bring goods to America. The food supply will also be interrupted.

Then at some point in time, the government announces that US dollars are no longer a valid currency and USA bucks, or some similarly named item, will replace them. At ten cents on the dollar. So the $10,000.00 US dollars in your savings account will only be worth $1,000.00 USA bucks. The majority of the population in the US will exchange their US dollars for USA bucks because that’s all they can do. Black market buying of USD will begin as independent entrepreneurs realize what is happening and try to get in on the scam.

Capitalists and the wealthy will not exchange their US dollars because they already know the scam. Then when all the availableUS dollars are accounted for and replaced by USA bucks, then and only then will our government announce that we are returning to the US dollar as our only form of currency, and everyone will have to re-exchange their USA bucks for US dollars. Except for the rich and wealthy, who were in on the scam from the beginning and never exchanged their money in the first place. They will have prepared for the event by stockpiling food and water and anything else they would need to last them for five years or longer. And now their US dollars are worth ten times more than before.

And the rich get richer. And let us not forget, your wages will only be worth 10 cents on the dollar as a 9 dollar per hour minimum wage is now only 90 cents per hour. Similar to the wages in those third world countries. And everything starts over. And thus begins the New World Order. Or is it the New Age of Man? Hang on a minute, let me look at my scorecard.

I know it sounds crazy, but it could happen, couldn’t it?

Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, let’s hope not.

Surviving the event begins next week, I promise.

Chinese ‘cannibal’ Attack Caught On Camera As Drunk Bus Driver Leaps On Woman And Chews On Her Face

The recent terrifying spate of ‘cannibal attacks’ seems to have spread to China, as a drunk bus driver was caught on camera gnawing at a woman’s face in a horrific random attack.

The unfortunate woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair the damage done by her crazed attacker.

According to local news reports, the driver, named Dong, had been drinking heavily during lunch with his friends before the outburst on Tuesday.

He then ran on to the road in the city of Wenzhou, in south-east China, and stood in front of the car being driven by a woman named Du, stopping her from moving.

Posted Image Attack: A man named Dong was seen gnawing on the face of a woman (left) but was later arrested (right)

Dong climbed on the car’s hood and started beating the vehicle while the panicked woman screamed for help.

When she left the car and tried to escape, the bus driver leaped on top of her and wrestled her to the ground.


It was then that Dong started biting Du’s face, leaving her covered in blood and weeping as passers-by tried to pull the attacker off his victim.

Witnesses said that the bus driver had gone ‘crazy’ and was successfully resisting attempts to subdue him.

Posted ImageDevastated: Du (left) will require plastic surgery after the attack on a crowded Chinese street (right)

When police arrived, they managed to take Dong into custody, bringing the appalling rampage to an end.

Du was taken to hospital, where doctors said she would need surgery to repair her nose and lips.

The incident comes in the wake of a number of similar attacks committed by drugged-up psychopaths in the U.S.

Perhaps the best-known of these came in May, when Rudy Eugene chewed a homeless man’s face off before being shot dead by police.

Read more: http://www.dailymail…l#ixzz1zTCYzX6t