Real Life Zombies in Everyday Life

When we think of zombies, we think of the undead, bloodthirsty ones depicted in movies and television. They moan, groan, shuffle, and remained focused on one thing, brains. The truth is, there are already real-life zombies walking amongst us. Things are getting a bit weird out in our world today. If one things for certain, these real-life zombie stories will at least keep you on your toes, and teach you what to look out for, since our zombies are not necessarily the ones out of your favorite movie or show.

A little girl wakes up at her own funeral

Just this past June, there was a 3-year-old girl that awoke at her very own funeral, talk about a heart attack for her parents. The little girl had been suffering hard from a fever and was taken for emergency care at a local hospital where the doctor had declared her dead from the lack of a pulse.

A neighbor of the family was attending the little girl’s funeral when she lifted up the lid to the coffin and saw the little girl move her head. This is when the little girl jumped up, springing to life, eating all the attendants. Well that part is a joke, but she did move her head. The parents immediately removed the little girl from the coffin, gave her some water, and took her to the hospital where they preceded to yell at the doctor who almost caused them to bury their little girl alive.

Chinese man attacks a woman and chows down on her face

When I think of China, it’s not a place I would necessarily want to be when a zombie outbreak occurs, due in part to their large population. But they’ve also already have recorded a few of their very own real-life zombie occurrences. In 2012, a drunken bus driver, was angry because a motorist was blocking their path. Instead of waiting, he got out of the bus, jumped on the woman’s hood, and began chowing down on her face. The woman thankfully survived but did require some plastic surgery to fix her wounds from the attack. Many in China believed the bus driver was being possessed at the time by Jiang Shi, a zombie creature of legend who was believed to kill and absorb the qui of all the living people.